Rooted in the above findings and driven by a design thinking workshop and internal brainstorm sessions, the NELP fellows recommend the launch of the Arts for ALL, a comprehensive approach for arts education in Sacramento consisting of three key drivers:

  • ALIGN – bring together the arts providers, districts, schools, students, and community to improve communication throughout the region and foster a true arts education movement in the Sacramento area.

  • LEVERAGE – better utilize the region’s existing resources and efforts to improve issues surrounding access and equity in arts education and exposure.

  • LEARN – empower the region to think evermore expansively and creatively about how it can best serve Sacramento-area students in regards to arts education and exposure.

Recognizing that funds and resources are limited, the NELP fellows have created tiers of recommendations that will help the city and districts clarify their investment priorities:

Tier 1 - Most impactful recommendation based on data and research. These recommendations will require a high level of resources and work effort in order to implement.

Tier 2 – Moderate level of resources and work effort involved to implement.

Tier 3 – Low level of resources and work effort involved to implement.